Monday, December 14, 2009


The official goodby in the Institute Center for Young Adults.
We had a chance to tell them how much we love them with a final word of encouragement.

Michelle, Sara, and Tamara sing a farewell

The treats they brought, just about gone!

And introducing our replacements, Elder Steve and Sister Sue Fox!

And we are on our way.
An amazing view of the west coast of Greenland, icebergs and all.
This was fascinating from east to west.
. . . AND . . .
. . . straight to Susan's for a Thanksgiving feast--one day late.
We love our family!!
Gorgeous and delicious!

home sweet home
two weeks later on the Sunday we spoke in church.
!Merry Christmas!


Michemily said...

Hi Sister Grassli! There's a never a dull moment with you two! The Thanksgiving dinner looks fabulous and your home looks so cozy. Do you live in Salt Lake? I'm in town for Christmas. Maybe we could meet up.

Omar Hawajri said...

Hi Dad and Mom,
actually, how much I hope to join with you and with missionaries .Thanksgiving sounds interesting,amazing and fabulous.
I can say merry christmase.however ,I hope from missionaries to help me to be like them AND to be missionary in my country.
love and peace from Palestine- Gaza
take care DAD and Mom

Omar Hawajri said...

please.I was woundering If some missionaries help me to join with like these activities.
How can I be missionary in my country ?
I really hope to meet swiss missionaries especially Dad and Mom .
love @ peace from Palestine.