Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, see, this is what happened.
We were asked by Tamara to go with her and Yan to visit an older couple who were interested in learning about the Church. That was fine with us, but we asked if the elders were coming, because they are the ones who would be teaching them. Our friend said she wanted us to meet them first,
just to warm them up for the missionaries.
So after a few more questions, we agreed to go. We followed their car into the country, and they took us all over the valley. We drove for 45 minutes, and retraced our tracks a couple of times. I told Elder Grassli, "I'm not sure they know where this couple lives!" You can see how dense we are, because it didn't even occur to us that there was anything up other than visiting this couple!
All of a sudden they drove us into the forest and there were 25 or 30 of our young friends standing around a fire, and they did this funny little welcome chant, raising their arms above their heads and down, like they were bowing to us.

They had planned a surprise farewell for us!
They were grilling, and a delicious aroma filled the forest!!

Nearby was a forest hut, and you can see it is a nice one--
all wood paneled with a wood stove and tables.
And curtains, no less!
That's where we ate.

Matthew and Kuendri played fun party music and the kids sang traditional Swiss songs and we all had a great time.
We loved every minute of it!!!!
We love you!!!


We girls invited just ourselves, even though some of the guys like chick flicks.
We saw two.
And ate junk!

And the mini Halloween party produced this great Jack o' Lantern . . .

And Grassli homemade donuts