Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We love this place!

Sister Harwood and Sister Walker are the missionaries assigned to the Outreach Center at the moment. Here they are in the center preparing to teach a potential investigator. We love them!

The Bern Temple in Zollikofen on a peaceful Sunday evening. Elder Grassli was here at the temple dedication in 1955. It's a favorite spot, because it changed his life.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

Are we lucky, or what? Today is our 47th anniversary and also our p-day! So after working five hours on our presentations for the YSAs conference in Germany next month, we took a ride out into the Emmental countryside. I think we deserved it! There are flowers in windows all over Switzerland, but here in Emmental folks seem to compete to produce the most glorious displays. They are on houses, sheds, parking lots, and road signs. We have seen them on car dealerships and food stores, on stairways and firewood stacks. We drove up a mountainside (it's not the Alps, but beautiful) and had a cold drink at a little restaurant. (They are EVERYWHERE) My dear Lenski indulged my every whim by stopping to take pictures and even turning back to get something we passed. What a guy!
One of the presentations we are preparing is about marriage and it has made me reflect on the blessing of mine/ours. There are no perfect marriages, but ours has, with its "learning experiences," been very satisfying to me. I'm grateful for that, especially today.
Some have asked about our title photo. We took that in the Toggenburg area. That's where Wildhaus is. This view is across the valley looking toward the from Wildhaus area.
Yummy, huh?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And We're Off!

Here we go for real, friends and family! After a day or two of muddle, we think we have it sort of figured out and we will try to post a new blog at least once a week. The format may change as we go along and learn more. You see here the beautiful city of Bern situated in the cradle curve of the Aare River. Interior of the Bern Ward chapel. Beautiful and crisp in blue and white. This is our resident ward, but we visit all the wards and branches in the stake in rotation to make friends with the Young Single Adults, encourage missionary work with them, find less active YSAs, fellowship and friendship new YSA members, "sell" institute. That's our mission and we love it! Our outreach center here at what is affectionately known as "Inschti Bern". Same building as the Bern Ward. We're supposed to be the grandma and grandpa who try to make it homey for the YSA institute students and others they bring. It's slow right now because graduation was last month, and the new year begins the last week of August. But we will be cooking a Tuesday night meal for students who come right from school or work, hosting waffle night and/or movie night on weekends, and other activities so YSAs will want to bring their nonmember and less active friends and hang out here.

After years of young missionaries around the world saying I reminded them of their mothers, it was a little startling to hear some visiting American YSAs say I remind them of their GRANDMOTHERS! for heaven's sake! I guess we are properly cast, (sigh). And we are lobbying (as invited to do so by some students!) to make a few decor changes to warm it up a bit.

Sister Harwood and Sister Walker are assigned to the center, and are as diligent as they can be. They are terrific and always thinking of new ways to attract investigators to the center. Very hard working gals, and we love them to death! And we love that the center is right across the street from our apartment!
Our apartment building, just our end. It's about three times as long as what is shown here. The tram stop is to the right--very convenient. An eight-minute ride takes us to the center of Bern and the bahnhof (train station). Our tiny apartment is truly becoming home to us. However, we've had to do a little "nesting" to make it ours! You know, if you get it painted, buy a new rug, hang your own pictures, and plant geraniums on the little balcony, it becomes your own! We'll let you see the interior soon. Well, there are some of the orientation facts. I'm trying to not make it read like a handbook. I'll loosen up. Promise.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet our missionaries

As missionaries, about six to eight missionaries meet in district meeting once a week to nourish each other through training and testimony. Here is our district's last meeting in progress under the direction of Elder Trogden, our district leader. We love each one of them! Our zone leaders were visiting, Elder Larsson and Elder Hall. Sister Walker, SisterHarwood, Elder Pine, Elder Jensen. Elders Trogden and Reinhardt, not pictured were training us. We meet in the institute outreach center. (It's due for a little refurbishing!

A New Beginning!

We are Elder and Sister Grassli serving in the Zurich Switzerland Mission as Outreach missionaries in the Bern Institute of Religion for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are new at blogging, but our daughter, Jane Anne, and Elder Reinhardt and Elder Trogden have made it possible. Pictured here are the wonderful elders enjoying the meal we bribed them with!