Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Another transfer is ending! I can't believe it! We get so attached to these missionaries . . . . . . it's very hard to say goodby!
Sister Frederikksen, our Danish redhead, has been with us longer than any other missionary--nearly nine months, half her mission!
Half of ours, too, come to think of it! Can we really go on without her?

Some of the elders in a casual moment.
Love it


President and Sister Hug gave a class last night on Eternal Marriage, ending with a demonstration of the dancing that helps keep their Eternal Flame alive.
The young single adults loved it!
After class they were joined by 26 YSA from Rome for dancing and fun. The center was rocking!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today we happily attended the Pratteln Ward.
It is a lovely drive on a Sunday morning!
We visit a different ward each week, to become better acquainted with the young single adults in the stake.
The Pratteln Ward young single adults do not attend our institute because they have one available to them right in Pratteln, which is about an hour from Bern.
But we visit there occasionally anyway--it's such a great ward.
And they come to stake events in Bern and we know a lot of them, and other members in the ward.
We also like to see if there is anything we can do to help the missionaries.
Today was the last Sunday of the transfer,
and Elder Farnsworth is being transferred. He and Elder Talley helped translate in sacrament meeting for me, doing a commendable job of it!
I think they amazed themselves!

We drove back to Zollikoffen, where we spent the afternoon with President and Sister Castellani of the Bern Temple, sharing a delicious Italian meal and each of us telling about defining moments and people in our lives.

It was an inspirational time with these two absolutely wonderful people . . . you can just see the tenderness in their faces . . .

. . . Thank you President and Sister Castellani!!!

Returning home, we were delighted again to see how well our geraniums have done. This view is of the back of our apartment building from the parking lot.

The poor geraniums were sad when we bought them--hardly any buds at all.

But with Elder Grassli's tender loving care, the moist Swiss summer, and some good doses of fertilizer, these alpine geraniums have become happy and contented!

And so are we!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sunday was a life-changing day for two new members!

Happy baptism day for Boris, who was taught by our wonderful sisters in Bern. And Severin, in white left, taught by the capable Basel elders,
Elder Hodges and Elder Lind

This is what it's all about!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Our first event of summer institute was a panel discussion on the topic,
"The Truth About the Mormons,"
to which the young single adults were to bring their less active and non-member friends.
We are ready to welcome everyone to the center!
We had a total of 44 in the center that night, 34 were young adults, 2 of whom were non-members. In addition there was a 12-year-old boy and an adult woman, non-members each brought by adult members. Plus six missionaries--us, the sisters assigned to our center, and two visitors from Frankfurt.

Katharina introduced the panel members, and explained that our purpose was to foster understanding
of our beliefs and lifestyle, so our friends would know the source of the peace and joy in our lives.
Each panel member gave a 5-10 minute presentation, just a brief overview of their topic, which was the perfect length for the setting. Then they accepted questions from the audience.
Vanessa, a returned missionary from Russia presented first,
"The Restoration."

Rebekka, recently returned from Germany, presented
"The Plan of Salvation."

Dominik, returned from the Paris mission, gave
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ."

And Denis, from a mission in Ukraine, presented
"The Commandments"

The panel entertained questions --excellent and thoughtful questions in a lively discussion--and they gave very good answers. The Spirit of the Lord was with them.
We were so proud of these panelists we could hardly stand it!
Many of those attending have requested
another event like this in the fall. There probably will be!

The panel discussion was followed by a salad and dessert buffet--delicious, if I do say so myself. Wish I had remembered my camera!

P.S. Thanks for these photos, Kaye!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Last night was the second summer class at the institute. Summer classes are an experiment for the first time this year, and so far they seem to be a success! There has been a strong positive response, with great attendance.
Last week was a panel discussion about "The Truth About the Mormons," which met our expectations in attendance and response. I can't get the photos from where I have them to the blog right now (!!!), so I'll have to post them later when I figure it out.

Sister Gappmaier and Bishop Gappmaier gave a great class about the
differences between men and women-
-and more! Some of the YSAs enjoying the class

Sister Frederikksen and Nadine

Sister Foerster, a mini missionary from Germany; Sister Price; Sister Frederikksen They are a threesome for this transfer.