Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last night the YSA had their first movie night in the Center for Young Adults.

They somehow have the ability to have such fun!

And we had fun watching them! The first thing they decided was to make the classroom into a theater, where the big screen and beamer were set up. It took about five minutes to dismantle and move the huge sofa to the classroom. It happened so fast, and we were getting such a kick out of it, that I almost forgot to take pictures!

Marc and Sven begin the dismantle.

Not a small task. The sections are connected by metal rods.

Some of our amazing women, Sara and Michelle!

I don't think Frank was trying to show off by carrying with one hand--

--were you, Frank?

Elder Grassli's birthday cake, white with lemon curd between layers and whipped cream on top.

They sang to him. He loved it!

Elder Grassli serving cake.

Settled in with popcorn and cake (Saria and Dominic had made some chocolate cake, too) to begin the movie.

Saria, David, and Marc dig into cake.

Sven, the multi-tasker setting up the movie, "Bedtime Stories," and grabbing for popcorn all at once, as Dominik opens the milk!

After the movie, the inevitable playing began at the ping pong table. No photos because I joined them.

Just what kids love --Grandma playing their game! (wink, wink!)

By the end of the evening,
it had been a long birthday for Elder Grassli, bless him!
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My companion had his birthday yesterday, Friday,March 27.
I love this guy!
He is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and missionary companion.
I am blessed that he was born into this world and that I was fortunate enough to find him. My life would have taken entirely different directions without him.
Happy Birthday, Honey! Leonard, the Birthday Boy
The day before, I made rhubarb custard pie, his favorite from his childhood when his mother made it.

On Friday, we invited his family to lunch at a wonderful restaurant, Hotel Bubendorf, the "hotel with a heart," (note heart-shaped plates and heart motifs on the plates) near Bubendorf, south of Basel.
Around the table we were . . .

. . . his sisters, Marlies . . .

. . . and Greti . . .

. . . and his brother-in-law Sergio, seen here with Greti.

The siblings

Okay, I know I'm a food fanatic, but here goes with the meal!
This was the appetizer, smoked salmon on bread stick with ham and soft cheese.

This is my fresh asparagus risotto which was divine!

Sergio and Greti had beef tartare. Not my choice, but they order it nearly every time we are together.

Lenski and Marlies had fish pieces pan fried in butter and almonds, served on a bed of shredded, sauteed leek, and accompanied by curry sauce. I tasted it, and MMMMMM!
All served to us by this adorable waiter balancing plates on his arm.
And the superb ending, apfelkuechli.
They look like doughnuts but they are apple slices, battered and cooked in hot oil, then dipped in a cinnamon sugar mix, and served hot. Absolutely perfect with the wonderful vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dear missionary moms and dads,
Here are some of your excellent sons and daughters.
You can be proud of them!

We add to this post from time to time, so check back!

German tip at district meeting

Arriving back in Bern after district meeting in Interlaken

The Yoga demo!

Elder Talley and Elder Farnsworth on their last Sunday together

Welcome to the district, Elder Dockstader! (Left)

At the temple

Sister Christopher and Sister Gardner visit the Institute Center for Young Adults and sample cinnamon rolls.

Elder Grassli and Elder Hafen visiting before a baptism.

Elder Rowley and Elder Hafen with their newly-baptised convert, Gladys.

And of course brownies help make it a celebration!

Brand new and the picture of serenity at zone conference!

With her companion

A "golden" (they aren't "greenies" here) has

graduated to senior in one transfer? Wow!

Well, sort of. Ask him, Mom.

New to the district and he's brought a great spirit with him!

You have one of my favorite smiles, Elder!

"Hey, what can I say?"

Studying during a brief break in appointments.

So diligent!

Gathering for a temple session . . .

. .

. .

They're all so fine!

Couldn't resist this one . . .
He just wasn't quite fast enough saying the German word!

It's okay, Mom. He didn't get hurt, just wet!