Wednesday, January 21, 2009


According to the natives, this is the snowiest and coldest winter in about ten years.
This is not necessarily a negative for me, because snow is beautiful.
I say if it's going to be winter, it might as well snow, because it is prettier than bare ground. A bit harder to drive in than rain, but . . .
. . . take a look at these pictures.
Besides snow, it is very foggy most nights, so all the trees are adorned with lace and feathers! Everywhere--along the freeway, in town, in the forests, in the countryside. And it has been cold enough that they stay gorgeous like this in the daytime.
We think it is an accumulation of many foggy nights, layer upon layer.
Here are the missionaries about to depart district meeting at the warm Outreach Center, into . . .

. . .This!

As we began the new COLD year, I reflected on my blessings:
My Mortal Body, healthy and strong
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
My Family,all of them
Sacred covenants
Love, lots of it!
Prosperity, a little of it
With all this, I contemplated what is required of me:
To keep my covenants
To be not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
To have total commitment to the Lord
To live a Christlike life and represent Him at all times
To treat all with love
To be generous
To rise above the common in thoughts, behavior, and speech
To show others the joy of living the Gospel.

To think about and to do