Thursday, October 22, 2009


We were privileged to be in a fabulously motivating and inspiring district meeting led by Elder Andrews and Elder Middleton. Gathering . . .

Preparing the agenda during the prelude.

Super achievers fulfilled all the requirements for the zone award last transfer.

Hanging out in the Institute Center for just a few minutes before the meeting.

And some new faces in the zone . . .

. . . and the mission!
Welcome to you all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So here we are! Two more missionaries transferred,
Elder Heath and Elder Schulte
(love 'em all!)


Elder Grassli and I were invited to Paris to give a couple of firesides and to meet with the new outreach missionaries there and share with them some of what is happening in the Institute Center for Young Adults in Bern. The photos of our meeting with the Stovers and Owens didn't turn out, and the photos of the afternoon fireside with the young adults are where I can't download them to the post (I will keep trying). But here are a few others.

Fireside for parents . . . our friend Christian Euvrard translating . . .

. . . and visiting after . . . Sister Euvrad in the white sweater

Students in the Paris institute center

A short ride on the Seine with Elder and Sister Owen . . .

Notre Dame
Guess what ?. . .

Dinner with the Petion family


Monday, October 12, 2009


Conference Sunday dawned clear and warm. So lovely! Here we are enjoying the sunshine and pot luck lunch together with a few missionaries and young single adults.


Dear missionary families,
This is just a reminder that from time to time, we post new pictures on the post Missionary Gallery.
You can find it by clicking on the link at the right under To Missionary Families.
We hope you enjoy finding your missionaries. We are sorry not to have every missionary in the mission on our blog, but we can only take photos of the missionaries we know! If they are not in our zone, we usually don't see them except at mission events like a temple day or a multi-zone conference.
We do love the missionaries we know!
Elder and Sister Grassli


We are fortunate as missionaries to be serving near a temple and to have the opportunity to attend together. Not every missionary attends at the same time--too much for the temple to handle--but President Matern assigns us in rotation according to when we arrived in the mission. Thus the missionaries do not usually attend with their companions, but those who are not going pair up and do other missionary activities for the day. We arrive in the morning and stay until about 4 in the afternoon with a break for lunch.
Here are the missionaries at the temple.

Arriving . . .
. . . and after in front of the temple . . .

Reunion! We miss her!

Happy birthday, Elder King!